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In order to have NT-770 running to its full potential you should complete the following steps. Important! Please note that the following set of instructions may be different for some users due to their demands and environment.

For your safety and benefit, read this instruction carefully before using the machine.

With using its power adapter, insert the plug of NT-770 to electric outlet.

Plug the power cable into PSU(Power Supply Unit) and T-box.

Insert the power cable into RS-485 connector at the back side of the NT-770 and into T-box with other side of cable.

Connect Teller Monitor’s LAN cable with back side of T-box.

Connect Display Panel’s LAN cable with back side of T-box.


The power switch at Power Supply Unit must be turned on first, and then turn on the power switch at Ticket Dispenser. If it is done in the reverse order, Ticket Dispenser will not detect the equipments in the system.


Please wait for a while until the NT-770 detects other equipments. When all the detection is finished , the total waiting number in LCD will display “00". At this time, Teller Monitor and back side of DPS-104 will display "≡ ≡ ≡". Press "Call" button at Teller Monitor in order to release.

Installation is done.

Note: Some images in these pictures might be slightly different from the actual machine. Certain options might not be available in some countries. For details, please contact us.